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1 Corinthians Study Workbook


The First Epistle to the Corinthians is a treasure chest of insight, information, and instruction for the Lord’s church.  Paul’s masterful handling of a number of difficult subjects serves as a useful manual in dealing with similar issues today.  For this reason, Christians of every generation may grow in knowledge and wisdom through a rich study of its content.  Chad Sychtysz’s I Corinthians Workbook is an excellent companion to this study.  Thought-provoking yet easy to use, this workbook objectively explains and expounds upon Paul’s doctrinal instructions.  It also reveals the practical and relevant nature of Paul’s instructions to the church.  Its questions are designed to generate class discussion and encourage the individual student’s deeper understanding of the Bible text.  I Corinthians Workbook will serve as an ideal vehicle for your personal study or your congregation’s adult Bible studies.

Includes two appendices:  “Baptism with the Holy Spirit” and “Women Speaking in the Assembly.”  

Spiritbuilding Publishing, 77 pages; 8½ x 11 tight spiral-bound, lays flat when opened.

Price:  $7.95 per copy

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