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Christian Thinking


If you are a Christian, you are expected to model your thinking after Christ Himself.  After all, He is your Master, you are His disciple.  But while this seems straightforward enough, not every Christian understands what this means or how to engage in it.  Meanwhile, the world continues assaulting your mind with ungodly thoughts and hacking away at your resolve to serve Christ.  Perhaps you need some help with all of this—and if so, you are not alone.

Christian Thinking explores the much needed and yet often misunderstood subject of what (exactly) Christians are to be putting into their heads and dwelling upon.  It covers a wide range of related subjects:  attitude, perspective, objectivity, godly love, discipleship, servitude, gratitude, etc.  Easy to read and understand, this book will provide you with a biblical and practical overview of what to think about as well as how this thinking will greatly enhance your walk with the Lord.

Christian Thinking is ideal for either private or group study.  Each section is followed by a set of questions designed to challenge the reader’s comprehension and relevant application of the material.  It is an invaluable resource for both students and teachers alike.  

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Spiritbuilding Publishing, 283 pages, softcover.


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Section Titles

         Admission into Christ’s Church

         The Importance (and Limitations) of Knowledge

         Thoughts and Emotions

         Dwelling on Good Thoughts

         How Your Attitude Affects You

         The Risks of Thinking like a Christian

         Contrast of Worldly and Christian Thinking

         How to Develop a Godly Attitude

          The Need for Spiritual Growth

          The “Blessed” Believer

         The Danger of Discontentment

         How Do You See Things?

         Governed by Love and Wisdom

         Conservatism and Liberalism

          What Is “Truth”?

         Your Truth and God’s Truth

         Objective and Subjective Thinking

         God Has No Opinion of You

         Who Are You to Judge?

         What Would You Say?

         Perceptions and Reality

         What Is “Godly” Love?

         God So Loved the World

          How Can a Loving God Allow…?

          The Evidence of God’s Love

         Loving One Another

         What a Disciple Is (and Is Not)

         The New Testament Pattern

         “Radical” Discipleship

         A Christian’s Vocation

         The Lord Who Calls Us

         What Christ’s Lordship Requires of Us

         Christ the Teacher

         Becoming Perfectly Human

                 Disciples Are Servants, Not Spectators

                 Slaves of Righteousness

                 The Nature of Our Servitude

                 Various Kinds of Service

                 The Giving of Thanks

                 Gratitude as an Act of Worship

                 Acknowledging the Giver of Gifts

                 God Is Good, No Matter What

                 Gratitude and Prayer

                 Our Typical View toward Change

                 Gratitude versus Resistance

                 Old Thinking, New Thinking

                 Repentance Is All about Change

                 The Components of Repentance

                 Good Fruit Comes from Good Trees

                          Christian Thinking Leads to Christian Living

                         Thinking of Heaven

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