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The Gospel of Grace

Note: the publisher of this book has gone out of business, and this book is no longer available through Books by Chad. A limited supply is only available through CEI Bookstore.

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CEI “Gospel of Grace”


Despite its many references in the New Testament, “grace” remains one of the more mysterious and misunderstood subjects of the Bible. This is partly because the study of “grace” is not a simple one, and many are intimidated by this. But it is also partly because many have reduced “grace” to a mere religious sentiment rather than what it really is: God’s real and powerful activity in the lives of His people.

But God wants us to understand His saving grace—what it is, why it exists, and how we can draw near to Him because of it. With this in mind, The Gospel of Grace intelligently, methodically, and creatively explores many fascinating dimensions of God’s wonderful saving grace. This book invites the reader to see up close and personal the inner mechanics of this “gift of God,” and also offers very practical applications of these perspectives. But don’t be fooled by the serenity of the subject matter: The Gospel of Grace will boldly and unapologetically challenge you to examine your spiritual life as you may have never seen it before.

The Gospel of Grace is specifically designed and written for anyone who desires to study more deeply on this most critical aspect of salvation. Whether you wish to learn how to become a Christian or are seeking to become a more learned one, this book will serve as an excellent companion to your study of the Bible.

Religious Supply Center (publisher), 277 pages, hardcover with jacket

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Chapter Titles:

          Chapter 1:  The Essence of Grace

          Chapter 2:  The (Alleged) Burden of Grace

          Chapter 3:  Grace Is a Gift

          Chapter 4:  The Source of Saving Grace

          Chapter 5:  The Doctrine of Grace

          Chapter 6:  The Access to Grace

          Chapter 7:  The Relationship Between Grace and Law

          Chapter 8:  The Problem of Unbelief

          Chapter 9:  The Problem of Guilt

          Chapter 10:  The Problem of Abuse

          Chapter 11:  The Problem of Pride

          Chapter 12:  Bringing Grace to Life

           Chapter 13:  Approaching the Throne of Grace

          Chapter 14:  Touched by Grace

           Chapter 15:  The All-Sufficiency of Grace

          Chapter 16:  The Paradoxes of Grace

          Chapter 17:  The Hospitality of Grace

          Chapter 18:  The Humility of Grace

          Chapter 19:  Where Grace Always Leads Us