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The Gospel of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is perhaps one of the most familiar hallmarks of the Christian faith.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most misunderstood.  The problem is not that the Bible is unclear on the subject.  Rather, we may allow pride, emotions, or our sense of justice to obscure what God has called us to do.  We may trivialize this virtue by forgiving too easily; in other cases, we may make it far harder than it has to be.  In many cases, we struggle with understanding the actual mechanics of forgiveness as well as its ultimate objective.  

The Gospel of Forgiveness is specifically written and designed to cut through the confusion, pretenses, and obstacles to forgiveness.  This work objectively explores the theme of God’s forgiveness of you as well as your forgiveness of those who sin against you.  It sweeps across both Old and New Testaments in order to provide an excellent understanding of what God does for us as well as what He expects from us.  The Gospel of Forgiveness provides a bold, candid, and insightful venture into this most important subject.  Not only will you personally be enlightened through this study, but you likely know someone else who will benefit from it as well.  

Spiritbuilding Publishing, 267 pages, hardcover with jacket.


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Chapter Titles

         Chapter 1:  Why Should You Forgive?

         Chapter 2:  What Forgiveness Is and Is Not

         Chapter 3:  What Sin Is and Is Not

         Chapter 4:  The Conditions for God’s Forgiveness

         Chapter 5:  The Conditions for Your Forgiveness

         Chapter 6:  Right and Wrong Reasons to Forgive

         Chapter 7:  Limitations of Your Forgiveness

         Chapter 8:  The Need for Shame

         Chapter 9:  Real and Artificial Apologies

         Chapter 10:  Things That Get in the Way

         Chapter 11:  The Anger of Man

         Chapter 12:  Faith and Forgiveness

         Chapter 13:  Fellowship and Forgiveness

         Chapter 14:  The Ministry of Reconciliation

          Chapter 15:  Do You Need to Forgive Yourself?

         Chapter 16:  Unforgivable Sins–Real and Imagined

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