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The Holy Spirit of God:  A Biblical Perspective


The Holy Spirit is one of the more difficult subjects that the Bible student will ever encounter.  Every Christian has struggled to understand the identity, nature, and role of the Holy Spirit.  We can relate to God the Father and God the Son, since these Personages are likened to relationships with which we are already familiar.  But when it comes to the God the Spirit, we may find ourselves grasping to comprehend just exactly who He is and what we are to do with Him.  Because of this difficulty, some misrepresent the Spirit by imposing upon Him things He did not say or expecting from Him things He did not promise.  Others suppress the teaching about the Holy Spirit because they do not believe He is active within Christians today.  What we need to know is not what people think about the Spirit, but what the Spirit says about Himself through His inspired Word.

The Holy Spirit of God:  A Biblical Perspective is a fresh and insightful venture into what the Bible actually teaches about God’s Spirit.  In this well-written and thought-provoking examination, Chad Sychtysz strives to allow the Bible to speak freely and conclusively.  His objective is clear:  while there are many things the Spirit has not disclosed about Himself, what He has revealed is extremely important and is therefore worth our time and energy to discover.  The more we learn about the Spirit and His work in Christ’s church, the better we will understand the combined efforts of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit toward our salvation.  The better we are informed about this “Spirit of grace,” the better we will be able to preach His gospel as it was meant to be preached—without fear, misrepresentation, or apology.  “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

Spiritbuilding Publishing, 206 pages, softcover


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